African American Achievements in Air and Space

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The CD is a powerpoint presentation that features over 120 slides divided into five sections: Early Aircraft Design, Early Aviation, Aerospace Development, Commercial and Military Pilots and Space and Telecommunications.  CD's are $20.00 

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This powerpoint presentation covers a part of the history of aviation and space that is not generally known, even, by most technology historians. It consists of over one hundred slides assembled for the first time. It demonstrates that African Americans have been involved air and space since the turn of the 20th century These slides can easily be integrated into classroom lesson plans to stimulate student interest in the principles of flight, as well as, careers in aviation and space. Corporations will find it useful in targeted recruitment campaigns, and special emphasis celebrations. The CD contains suggested educational activities A companion poster is also available for sale. Special arrangements can be made to rent the portable exhibit or request a special presentation. We are interested in your feedback. Send comments to

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