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                                                                 Exhibt: African American Achievements in Air and Space-"Inspiration"

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                                                            MAAT  SCIENCE VILLAGE 2000 GRAND OPENING

Photo 1: Issac Moore pours libation as onlookers watch;          Photo 2:  Baba Ray formed an alliance between MAAT Science Village and the                      

                                                                                                       Strategic  Urban Development Alliance (SUDA) and fou nd  our new    


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Photo 3: The Abstract Truth Trio provided music;  Photo 4: C.R. Patterson, a runaway slave made cars  in Greenfield, Ohio and the  first buses on the streets in  Cincinnati .                                                                                      

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                                               Photo 5: Congregating in the Reference Library                                                                                                                                                           

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Photo 6 and Photo7::  Snapshot views of the Exhibit which features the contributions of African Americans to science and technology.

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Internet Cafe-Learn Computer skills; Meet and work with the Scientists through the Internet

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