Museum of African American Technology (MAAT) Science Village Opens

Oakland is home to MAAT Science Village, one of the first science museums with an African American focus. MAAT held its grand opening on December 2, 2000 at 630 20th St. It is a leading force in promoting science education and awareness for the underrepresented.

Soon after the premier exhibition sponsored by MAAT Science Village at Defremery Park in Oakland, a well known Oakland businessman , Raymon Dones who is an associate of the Strategic Urban Development Alliance (SUDA), a joint venture between Bank of America and several local business enterprises, stepped forward and gave the much needed home the science museum desperately needed.

One of the museum science village’s objectives is to establish links in the community with technology as the need arises. SUDA was seeking technical assistance with several of its development projects, and MAAT Science Village needed a supporter and a way to generate revenues. SUDA is providing space and collaborative opportunities centered around energy efficiency in residential and commercial buildings MAAT Science Village will muster the technical talent required by SUDA projects.

This alliance mirrors the underlying principles of Ma'at, the ancient Egyptian principle of Ma'at which represents justice, truth, righteousness, accuracy, honesty, fairness, faithfulness, integrity harmony, reciprocity or how things relate. Ma'at easily explains that science is a cultural experience; reveals the secrets of nature and the order of everyday life.

MAAT Science Village chronicles the technical achievements of people of African descent from ancient times to the present, and provides science education and awareness activities for students and adults. Computer classes at the Internet Cafe, science education activities and seminars are the main services offered. Also, there is a resource library which is a one of a kind that collects the written works of African American scientists and engineers and publications about them. Scholars and teachers will find this library to be the best and most comprehensive collection of books, periodicals, video tapes in the US on the subject.

The facility is designed for the whole family to have fun with science. For more information call (510) 893-6426.