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The NCCBPE Career Center has expanded upon our Hot Opportunities section with a new custom search service, bringing you thousands more professional opportunities from America's premier equal opportunity employers committed to workplace diversity.

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Dear Potential Advertiser:

The Northern California Council of Black Professional Engineers invites your company to participate in our NCCBPE On Line Job Service located at

Corporate members of NCCBPE will be able to post job announcements directly on our web site. Individual members will be able to post job inquiries or their resumes.

This service will be made available to non-members on a fee basis.

Corporate space on the web site will be limited, and will be offered at a special corporate membership rate, first come first serve. Preference will be given to corporations who express interest now.

If you are interested in becoming a corporate member or would like to advertise for a fee, please see the rate sheet and application. If you only would like to find out more about these services, please fill out the top half of the application form and return it to NCCBPE or e-mail us at

Subsequently, a NCCBPE representative will contact you.



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